REBOL Tips, Techniques and other information

On these pages are a collection of bits of information that people may find useful. I started gathering it when I was going through the steepest part of my REBOL learning curve.

Most of this information has been gathered from the REBOL mailing list. While I have included author names (where they exist in the message), the message content may be different from the original. I have edited these messages in order to capture specific information.

Searchable and categorised archives of the mailing list can be found at

REBOL Language and Coding

REBOL Tips and Techniques covers information suitable for someone getting to know what REBOL can do. You'll need to know how to program a bit to take advantage of this.

Deeper REBOL Techniques is a little more advanced, this page is meant to cover topics that relate to how to structure REBOL programs and solutions. Things like tips for more efficient designs and techniques.

REBOL and the Net is specifically geared to networking and REBOL. Posts include information on general networking knowledge and how it relates to REBOL.