Save Small JPEG - A script for Adobe Photoshop


A script to reduce and save images to fit within specific limits, individually or for all images in a folder.


Use this script to create a reduced 8bit sRGB JPEG copy of an existing image. The new JPEG is saved using settings which you refer to by name, making the process very easy.

This script is useful in these situations like these:

All measurements are in pixels. For example, if you want to make a 6x4 inch print at 200 ppi for a Fuji Frontier printer, then you'll need to enter settings of maximum width of 1200 pixels and maximum height of 800 pixels.

Works with?

Photoshop CC

Latest version works on Windows, no feedback from Mac users. Working for me on CC 2018 (19.1.1).

Photoshop CS6

Not tested, but would expect it to work.

Photoshop CS5

Latest version works on Windows, no feedback from Mac users.

Photoshop CS3

Works on Windows and Apple Mac.

Photoshop CS2

Earlier versions worked on Windows, presumably works on Apple Mac.

In CS2, there are two minor issues with the Edit Preset dialog box:

Photoshop CS

Not tested, hopefully works.


This script was created for the benefit of photography club members but anyone can use it, at their own risk.

You may only use this script if you agree to the terms of the license which is available in the PDF documentation and embedded in the script itself.


The latest version of this script can now be download from here.

You do not need to install the script, you can save it to your computer and then run it from Photoshop's File / Scripts / Browse menu item.

Information for members of Northside Creative Photography

The script is preconfigured with settings for our EDI competitions. Open your image, run the script, choose the purpose e.g "... - competition", then click Save Now. Choose your folder and enter the image name and click Ok. Your image is created according to current requirements of our competitions.

Information for other camera clubs

You could distribute to your members the xml settings file preconfigured with your own competition requirements.